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Changes specifically from the last version of the ptr have been highlighted in red. Blizzard has released the preliminary patch notes for diablo 3s 2. Objective 2 now requires you to kill 150 enemies while wrath of the berserker is active the legacy of raekor enemies hit by a furious charge that didnt hit 15 enemies are no longer prevented from counting toward the objective on future casts. On the diablo iii screen, there is a dropdown menu right above the play button note that this may say install if you do not have diablo iii currently installed. Diablo iii from this dropdown menu before proceeding.

Diablo 3 s darkening of tristram anniversary event is coming back for 2018 by andy chalk news throughout january, players will be able to return to the original diablo dungeon. Here are the final notes for this update as we now head towards the next season. What i want to tell you for today is the description of new patchs weapons. Jan 12, 2016 just a few days ahead of season five of diablo 3, blizzard has pushed the longawaited patch 2. Mar 21, 2017 diablo 3 patch notes detail everything new in todays 2.

Mar 21, 2017 blizzard has now released the diablo 3 2. Each time you equip a new legendary not previously equipped get a kill shot on a rift guardian. Originally posted by nevalistis official post the twoweek ptr testing period for 2. When your meteor hits 3 or fewer enemies, the damage is increased by 275350% 675900%. This update gives players the opportunity to test the diablo 1 2th anniversary event ahead of. Oct 12, 2017 you take 4560% 6080% less damage for 3 4 5 seconds after your storm armor electrocutes an enemy more than 30 15 yards away. Players drink when the appropriate below action occurs. Oct 24, 2017 after weeks of ptr testing, the diablo 3 2. It was the patch version for all of season four, which started august 28th, 3 days after the patch went live. Its a pretty significant addition to the game, dumping a whole bunch of new legendary.

Weve got three brandnew class sets to dig into, an armful of legendary item changes, and a pretty crazy gamechanging season mechanic. Well update this post when we get more information. We now have even more changes with this latest ptr drop, and they include bug fixes, changes to maximum amount of health globes spawned by various abilities, buffs to even more legendary items wizards see several items get buffed this time. Its always just someone that restate whats being said in a 2. Jun 22, 2017 sure, everyones hyped about the new necromancer class coming to diablo 3 on june 27, but thats not the only thing diablo fans have to be excited about. A new patch went live in the public test realm last night and it contains some of first changes and additions that we will see in season 7. To report any issues you experience while playing, please visit the ptr bug report forum. Explains the level of technical support we offer on blizzard and activision products. Many new activities and adventures are now available in wow classic as the gates open to the ancient troll city of zulgurub, the emerald dragons of nightmare arrive, the insidious silithid begin to stir, and the stranglethorn vale fishing extravaganza summons azeroths anglers to the ultimate competition. Check out the full pc patch notes below to learn all about the latest changes. One thing that i like about this new patch is that primals are getting some new quality of life improvements. Its quite a big update with new zones, items, game mechanics and small tweaks. Mar 03, 2016 diablo 3 players are busy getting stuck into season 5 at the moment but blizzard are already talking about the next patch update v2. Talking about some notable changes for diablo 3 patch 2.

The game will be getting three new zones in patch 2. Great changes, really looking forward to season 5 atm. To participate in the public test, you must have a diablo iii game license attached your account in good standing i. Navigate to the diablo iii tab on the lefthand menu. Apr 20, 2016 according to softpedia, blizzard entertainment is set to improve diablo 3s gameplay with its patch 2. Dec 24, 2015 spent the last few days to check out the newest patch 2. Season 20 begins march, shortly after our next diablo iii patch. If thats not enough to satisfy you, the patch will. Below you will find the patch notes for the latest ptr patch for diablo iii, patch 2.

Read the following parts and you can know how to participate on the ptr. While a new diablo 3 expansion was not announced at the blizzcon panel, game director josh mosqueria and co. Diablo 3 patch notes detail everything new in todays 2. Xilgamesh 2 points 3 points 4 points 3 years ago it always has been the tuesday before the seasons go up. Specifically this video will showcase how they look on the ground and in your inventory. Visit our bug report forum for a list of known issues if you are experiencing technical issues with the patching process, connecting to after installing the patch, or errors while playing a newlypatched game, please visit our support site or post in the technical support forum for assistance. A fair wad of information came with the diablo iii patch 2. Jun 28, 2016 naturally, the complete list of the diablo 3 ptr patch 2.

Oct 24, 2017 a new patch has arrived for diablo iii on pc, ps4, and xbox one, and it revamps a variety of skills, runes, and legendary and set items. The diablo 3 ptr has been kicked back to life with patch 2. Reach a level that is a multiple of 10 paragon included. Nilfurs boast increase the damage of meteor by 200% 600%. As per the publication, the new patch enables gamers to have preferences for their characters, along with items that come from the enemies and the rare chests that are spread throughout the game. The berserkers of athskeleng could not be stopped, their intricately carved white maces turning red with the blood of their enemies. Marz beginnt saison 20, kurz nach unserem nachsten patch fur diablo iii. The preliminary public test realm patch notes for diablo 3s update 2. Jun 23, 2017 r eleasing with next weeks rise of the necromancer content pack for diablo 3 which adds the new necromancer class is a brand new patch for the ps4, xbox one and pc that also adds a few new features to the popular loot rpg, specifically for players who own the reaper of souls expansion.

Diablo iii offizielle communityseite blizzard entertainment. As we all know that there are some new weapons in the new patch. Below you will find the final patch notes for the most recent update for diablo iii, patch 2. Read on to learn more about the brandnew season buff, three brutally feral new class sets, and a handful of item reworks coming in patch 2. To report any issues you experience while playing, please visit the. If you are experiencing technical issues with the patching process, connecting to after installing the patch, or errors while playing a newlypatched game. Below you will find the final patch notes for the most recent update for diablo iii, patch. Jan 04, 2017 the new patch is here, bringing with it not only the anniversary event, the new season and new legendary abilities, but also a lot of other changes such as an overpower revamp, rift tweaks and more.

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