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Mar 10, 2009 these days you can find all sorts of things online, from audio books to flash files, from sound effects to css templates. The 20 best apps for apple iphone 6s and iphone 6s plus stuff. Now, if you had asked more specifically about cool shortcuts, fine, but you just asked about all the cool. How to download stuff in minecraft mods, texture packs, etc. Here is a follow up to a previous post, where i offer five more cool things you can do with your macbook air. I know this is a hard question but i need an answer soon. I hope you found some new tricks which will help you to get the most out of your mac.

I scream, you scream, sims love ice cream and this ice cream maker does it all. Stuffit expander is a file compression and expansion utility that can handle a number of different file archive formats. Right now, its pretty permanently hooked up to my tv and i use it as a set top box as well as the computer thats hooked up to my hard drive, and therefore my time machine backup. When i started playing minecraft a long time ago i soon wanted more so i began searching for mods texture packs adventure maps and other stuff that enhance gameplay. Connect your apple watch to your pc or mac via its usb charger.

One of the odd little quirks of a mac mini can be found on the back. Cool things to do with a new macbook pro macrumors forums. But while its admittedly not the most exciting app in the world, the cloud filemanager is a really great way to play with some of your iphones new toys, entirely for free. Grab a cone and serve up gelato, ice cream, and soft serve. The 28 best must have mac apps essential for 2018 business. Nov, 2019 the 50 best mac tips, tricks and timesavers. Whats new in macos catalina the best macbook cases and sleeves 12 cool new features in macos high sierra more in.

You get a ton of cool controls right there on the touch bar, including things like effects, filters, loops, and steps along with a lot more cool stuff that you can use to drop some cool beats at your next house party. Along with that, there are some tasks you can do with it that are just plain neat. A macintosh lovers website, with links to all the places and things that a mac addict could ever want. It was inevitable that the itunes music store would become just the itunes store because, as you know by now, you can purchase a lot more than just music and then share it on an ipod, iphone, or ipad. How to cool down your mac computer and make it run fast. But many of them feels more comfortable in using windows instead of mac os. It helps you download files and manage them in a list, and there are tons of other features. Use these cool macos tricks to enhance your mac experience. This app clones your mac s drive, meaning you can start up from said clone should disaster strike. May 08, 2020 dropbox is a cloud storage service that lets you easily backup important documents, files, photos, video, and other things. Lol, remember when i got my last hp i did everything to make it look like a mac, got a rocketdock and cleared off the whole startup screen, lol.

Those with the new apple tv will also be able to create compatible files from their movie discs and add them to itunes without having to fiddle. Now, if you had asked more specifically about cool shortcuts, fine, but you just asked about all the cool things a mac can do. Today there are millions of mac user worlwide and many of them are using only the mac os. Here are 10 tips and tricks for things that you may not have known your mac could do. Things combines powerful features with simplicity through the use of tags and its intelligent filter bar. Look no further than our list of the best mac apps, including everything from. Free cool stuff downloads download cool stuff software. A colourful platformer for your macbook, if youre looking for a first foray into mac gaming, this is a fun title to get you started. The top five things you should do first when you get a new mac. Aug 11, 2015 whip up some fun with the allnew ice cream maker. Its also how apple distributes essential app updates.

The mac app store offers thousands of apps, and downloading and installing those apps is straightforward. Apple lets you sync some music to apple watch up to 2 gigabytes or about 500 songs. Readmine v91 in 15 minutes a day read news and blog articles that are interesting to you, automatically publish your readlog and instantly share cool stuff. Create repeating todos for things you do every few days, weeks, or months things will remind you on the right day.

Five more cool things you can do on your macbook air. You can manually move them around your desktop to accentuate your wallpaper images, or you can use thirdparty software to create docks and contained. In fact, we have written about it more than once before. Readmine learns what you like and what you dont and organises your reading list. That is, if youre ready to learn the complexities of using an app as powerful as this one. Apr 17, 2015 how to install windows on mac cool mac tricks. To sync music to your apple watch, follow these steps. Five cool things you can do on your macbook air reading by. A huge chunk of the fun that youll find on the web is the ability to download images and other files to your macbook. The first 11 apps to install on your new mac laptop or desktop the. You can videoconference with someone using another mac, or even with those using ios devices like the iphone 4 or later and the ipad. In this tutorial, ive shown you how to customise your mac, organise things better, change the default dictionary, reorder spotlight results, show off different cool wallpapers, and recover hidden features that were in older versions of os x. You can sync your tasks across apps via the things cloud, but you need to buy. Below we compiled a list with over 100 download sites that serve that purpose.

But when i was searching for them i couldnt find a good guide. Under my watch, scroll down and tap music, followed by synced playlist. Collect your thoughts get things off your mind quickly. Jan 20, 2018 here are 10 must know mac tips to get you started in 2018. No longer do you have to mirror your content from your ipad to the computer, which can be tricky if you are presenting in a conference center with poor wireless reception. Find out how to install parted magic, a handy piece of software that lets you do things like reset windows passwords, clone your system, and partition your hard disk, right from your usb flash. Any changes to your files get saved automatically, though you can also. And discover smart new features in the apps you use every day. This is fine if you only have a few icons, but chances are you have quite a few more than that. Things 3 is a brilliant macos todo list and task management app. If youve got the url of a file you need to download, but dont want to download it in safari, chrome, or firefox, terminal can help. Jul 15, 2006 there are even things that other open source operating systems cant even come close to the cool things the mac can do.

The mac app store is much more important than just as a way to download great new apps for your mac. Thanks to webroot for sponsoring this video check this video. On a new mac, its right there in your dockthe blue circle with a stylized a inside it. Linux users should check out conky, our favorite customizable system monitor, for all your huddy needs. Once you have unlocked these nice hidden toys, youll surely get to love your mac more. While your stuff is stored in dropbox, you can access it across any other device, as long as youre logged in to the same account. You should also check out some of the mac s best hidden features you may. Below youll find 80 different skins, sleeves, decals and cases to customize your macbook and make it reflect who you are. You can create automated workflows, actions, or applications that help you perform tedious tasks. If you cant see your screen in sunlight, or your eyes need a rest, try this.

Messages lets you use your imac to chat with others around the world for free via the internet by keyboard, voice, or with your imacs builtin facetime hd web camera fullcolor video. Among many useful things you can do with apple watch is the option to mute incoming calls by covering the screen of the watch with your palm. Completely changing its look with these cool decals. Once again using the motion sensor makes cool lightsaber noises.

Top 100 essential mac applications mac tricks and tips. For example, i use hazel to sort all the files i download into different inboxes. Aug 18, 2014 10 things you didnt know your mac could do that macbook on your desk might be even more powerful than you think. Thanks to a full redesign, things is more useful than ever, connecting to your tasks and calendar in a seamless interface. Ps i would also like to know any cool software to download. Lucky for you, weve compiled a list of our favorite and best mac apps to help get you started. Here are ten apps that will make your machine work some magic. But they still use mac os because many of them dont know how to run windows on mac 2015.

Its a free app available from the app store and several other web sites. It is a greatly capable tool that has enough power to alter the very core aspects of your mac. Unleashing its full power on your productivity workflow can be a gamechanging upgrade to how you get things done. Jun 12, 2009 whether you want to just carry it around in a spiffy sleeve or bag, or commit a bit more with a skin or sleeve, theres something out there available no matter what your taste or personality. A cool little app with amazing graphics on the old arcade favourite tetris. This means that if youre in the middle of a meeting, and your ringing iphone is tucked deep in your pocket or buried under all the other items in your purse, an apple watch will save you from the. Free download manager as the name implies, free download manager is free and manages downloads for your pc and lets you download files off the web and save them on your computer. If youre wondering if their are cool ways to personalise your macos, then this is the right article to dig into. Then add banana slices, whipped cream, sprinkles, and chocolate sauce yum. In the safeguarding your mac data sense, not the making scifi sheep sense. Well, most of the other posts pretty much incluide a lot of cool things that windows on pcs cant do that the mac can. Spellcheck on our iphone is awesome, but its not so great on our. May 08, 2020 spotlight is your go to program for finding practically everything you need on your mac or on the web. On windows, you need to download specialist software to edit these documents.

There are even things that other open source operating systems cant even come close to the cool things the mac can do. I like virtual reality games and like designing games and stuff. Learn how to customise your macadjusting your macos preferences to your personal tastes. Click on applications, select an unwanted iconsoftware. This tutorial is about how to download stuff in minecraft. Sure, there are more indepth and more graphically heavy games out there, but rayman and his bunch of oddball mates are a wonderfully animated way to get going. I would also urge you to share your favourite tricks which are not on the list to help the community. So, i was looking at those two book shelves that had all my dvds and all my cds and thought, nah, screw tha. Dropbox is a cloud storage service that lets you easily backup important documents, files, photos, video, and other things. The automator tool on mac might be intimidating to some users, but it can be a very handy app. Spotlight is your goto program for finding practically everything you need on your mac or on the web.

Apr 26, 2017 i have the new os x sierra and im trying it out. Open source mac offers a simple list of the best and free software for the mac os x. See your calendar events alongside your todos and plan your time effectively. If youve visited a site that offers files for downloading, typically you just click the download button or the download file link, and safari takes care of the rest. Whether its a gift from someone else or a gift to yourself, if youre opening a brand new apple macbook air, mac mini or imac today, heres our. Together with the mobile apps, your files are available wherever you are. You can look up directions using maps, open a terminal window, find utilities you didnt know you had, and more.

Here is the list, including any links that i may have mentioned. The older my macbook pro gets, the more its cooling fan spins, and the less pleasant it is to use. All the cool things you can do with your imac dummies. Mac computers are used by professionals around the world, and these computers have quickly become some of the most popular computers for those that want to do graphic design, web design, and other professional tasks on them. By default, the icons on your desktop will stack up on the left side. All the awesome things you forgot your mac could do. There are hundreds of clever things your mac can do, here are some of our favourite mac tips and tricks, including eight of the best new features in macos catalina. Things is a task management solution that helps to organize your tasks in an elegant and intuitive way. Video formats are constantly changing, and you no doubt have all sorts of movie files littering your macs drive. Nov 21, 2018 the automator tool on mac might be intimidating to some users, but it can be a very handy app. Jan 21, 2006 dictionary has been part of mac os x since 10.

Hosts a collection of free software, games and other desktop goodies which you can download for free. Theres also a mac app subscription service that outfits your. Sometimes, downloaded applications dump stuff all over your hard drive, and. My mac mini has been my second computer since i bought my laptop. Well, those were some cool mac tricks that i use in my daily experience with macos. It accelerates downloads so that your files get downloaded quickly. Last time i used a mac os it was like 17 years ago to play myst lol. Os x users might have to do a bit more work, but can create a lot of cool stuff with geektool. From useful utilities to handy archivers and transcoders, here are 30 free yet powerful macos apps you can download today. Enhance your mac os desktop with a pack of six utilities. Experience music, tv, and podcasts in three allnew mac apps. The top 5 things you should do first when you get a new mac. All you have to do is click on the search icon in the upper right corner of your mac s screen and type in a word or phrase.

This is another retro cool feature to cheer you up once in a while. Here are 10 cool things you can do with mac automator. Mar 07, 2014 download keynote on your iphone, and it will also serve as a slide remote for the presentation you have on your macbook. Blaze yourself with the interesting and cool apps for your mac computer. Looking for a simple, capable text editor for your mac. Extend your workspace and expand your creativity with ipad and apple pencil. How to cool down your mac computer and make it run fast how to cool down your mac computer. Jul 23, 2016 7 things mac users can do that windows users can only dream of your personal preference between an apple mac or a windows pc might be completely subjective, but it is cold hard fact that there a.

Free mac software every mac user should have in 2020 macworld. Best mac apps essential apps for your macbook laptop mag. If your macbook is also prone to running hot, there are seven ways you can keep it cool and quiet. Please click on the like button to help out my channel. You can play tetris, pong, snake and a dozen of other arcade games. Sometimes we download files that a we didnt mean to, or b no longer want. Trying out these cool macbook decals will make your own macbook stand out in the sea of boring uniform laptops. One of the coolest things about the way macbook has been designed is the glowing apple logo on its top.

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