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Rolfing is a well known and well documented method of deep connective tissue manipulation with roots in the old osteopathic community, named for its founder, dr. Rolfing structural integration is named after its creator, dr. Rolfing is a form of alternative medicine originally developed by ida rolf 18961979 as. Founding studies and general medical research structural integration read the case study dr. Rolfing and physical reality download ebook pdf, epub. Here, ida rolf tells about her life, about the wonder of the human body, about life in general, and about. Rolfing 10 series an overview of the rolfing ten sessions. Rolf, who created this work, conceived the breakthrough concept of integrating gravity into therapy. The intent of this series is to allay some of these. She is the founder of the rolf institute in boulder, colorado.

Her extensive search for solutions to family health problems led her to. Rolfing structural integration, originally developed by dr. A selfportrait of the warm, wise woman who created the therapy that bears her name. Rolfing 10 series each session in the rolfing ten series has its unique theme and set of goals. For rolfers, the bodys physical organ of structure is the connective tissue matrix. Jun 19, 2010 ida rolfs exercise for organizing the lower girdle duration. Structural integration gravity, an unexplored factor in a. Ida rolf, aims to restore the structure of the body to a better state of balance in gravity. Accelerated foundations of rolfing structural integration. For twelve years she furthered her knowledge through research in organic chemistry at the rockefeller institute. Ida pauline rolf may 19, 1896 march 19, 1979 was a biochemist and the creator of structural integration or rolfing, an alternative medicine practice. The work of rolfing structural integration, developed by biochemist dr. Rolfing a holistic system of soft tissue manipulation and movement education that organizes the whole body in gravity the rolf institute 2000. This seminal work made its debut in 1977, and it has since remained the most important reference for rolfers around the world.

The benefits of rolfing are long lasting and often continue to unfold for months after the end of a series of sessions. Dec 06, 2010 rolfing was named after its founder, an american biochemist named ida rolf. Rolfs close associate and companion, rosemary feitis is ida rolf talks about rolfing and physical reality. Her aim was to relieve patterns of physical misalignment through a series of sessions, each. Rolf recognized that the body is inherently a system of seamless networks of tissues rather than a collection of separate parts. A warm and wise selfportrait of the woman who originated the therapy that bears her name. Unfortunately i never got to meet her as she passed away when i was still a teenager. It is based on rolfs ideas about how the human bodys energy field can benefit when aligned with the earths gravitational.

Suggested reading list structural integrationrolfing the. It was given the nickname rolfing in response to the successful work of its creator dr. Rolf, phd, is based on the premise that quality of life and wellbeing depend in part on the persons capacity to adapt to the field of gravity. Structural integration gravity, an unexplored factor in. Ida rolf frome physical therapy rolfing acupuncture. Through a multisession protocol your practitioner balances your body in relationship to itself and within the field of gravity by working with the connective tissue. But rolfing is named after its pioneering founder, dr ida rolf, and its a testament to the enduring value of her work that we continue to use her name to describe what we do.

Rolf, rolfing is a holistic process of body reeducation and manual manipulation focusing on the bodys connective tissue, or fascia. In 1920 ida pauline rolf, a native new yorker, earned her ph. Original strength, crawling and developmental movements videos, an overview of an intro original strength workout plan, and a specific playlist of videos pertaining to original strength. About ida rolf rolfing structural integration in malaysia. D in biochemistry and physiology from the columbia university college of physicians and surgeons in 1920. From there she went on to work at the rockefeller institute, for the next decade, in the departments of chemotherapy and organic chemistry respectively.

The integration of human structures harper and row, publishers in this book is dr. To view a pdf publication you must have installed adobe acrobat reader, available from. Ida rolf, a chemical engineer, mathematician and atomic physicist, pioneered a radical view of human physiology and growth that has influenced many scientific fields. Feldenkrais awareness through movement classes, free recordings. In 1916, she graduated from barnard college and was hired to do research work at the rockefeller institute in new york where she continued her education. She is also the author of rolfing and physical reality. Rolfs longawaited book, written over a period of years in time st.

Rolfing structural integration rolfing iowa stop pain. Fascia completely surrounds and supports every muscle, bone, joint, and organ in the body. Ida rolfs exercise for organizing the lower girdle duration. Together all of them constitute an arch of a journey that leads to greater integration, freedom of movement and expression.

May 18, 2015 rolfings goal is not to decrease pain to a specific region of the body. Structural integrationrolfing the integration of human structures. An overview of rolfing craig ellis certified advanced. The century just passed may well be examined by future historians as a period during which humans explored their world with a tool, or if you will, a microscope, of specialization. It is a process of lengthening and balancing tissues throughout the body and allowing structures to function more effectively with less stress. Rolf, a biochemist and rockefeller university fellow, founded the rolf institute in 1971, in boulder, colorado. Rolfing was named after its founder, an american biochemist named ida rolf. Rolf, an american biochemist who referred to her work as structural integration. Rolfing is a form of bodywork also known as structural integration. Rolfing was originated by american biochemist, ida p. We do this by working to reorganize the fascia, the connective soft tissue that holds everything in our bodies together, through handson touch and movement to facilitate your body. A rolfing practitioner uses physical pressure to stretch and guide the connective tissue, lengthening and organizing it, allowing for more efficient, flexible movement.

Remembering ida rolf, is the collected stories of idas students, compiled by rosemary feitis and louis schultz in. Reestablishing the natural alignment and structural integration of the human body for vitality and wellbeing by rolf ph. Rebate on natural therapies for private health insurance pdf. Rolfing is a form of deep tissue massage named after dr.

It is a holistic form of manual therapy and movement education designed to balance and organize a body in gravity. Rolfing is different from most forms of bodywork because it focuses on improving the organization of the entire structure often visible as better posture, rather than focusing on a place that hurts, feels stiff, etc. Your first experience with rolfing is likely to be within a tenseries format. Or for those who want a friend or family member to. Rolfing utilizes a variety of handson and perceptual interventions directed towards improving an individuals posture and relationship to gravity. Fascial anatomy and physical north atlantic books isbn. Rolfing structural integrationsi was developed over 60 years ago by dr. Read rolfing reestablishing the natural alignment and structural integration of the human body for vitality and wellbeing by ida p. General list of rolfing booksresources for your consideration. Ida rolf talks about rolfing and physical reality, was compiled by rosemary feitis in 1978. Rolfing is an approach to helping the person live and function with greater ease, grace and efficiency within the field of gravity. Rolf designed the system as a way to deeply manipulate and reorganize connective tissue and fascia. Rolf believed and taught that the human body, in alignment with the gravitational field of the earth, meant a body in balance and harmony. Rolf, rolfing structural integration is a form of bodywork that reorganizes the connective tissues, called fascia, that permeate the entire body.

Rolf saw body structure as the relationships between our various segmentsankles, knees, hips, ribcage, shoulders, neck, head. Structural integration gravity, an unexplored factor in a more human use of human beings ida p. Ida rolf, the creator of rolfing structural integration in the 1940s, to understand the importance of fascia to the bodys structural integrity and personal health. To try to buy a used copy, see outofprint bookstore. Mar 16, 2014 16032014 the founder of rolfing was dr. She recognized that all forms of disorganization in the bodywhether from the accumulation of everyday physical and psychological stress. Her own health problems led her to believe that deep tension could be relieved by pressing into fascia tissue. Rolf, phd, is based on the premise that quality of life and wellbeing depend in part on the. Here, ida rolf tells of her life and the wonder of the human body, and explains her technique of manipulating muscle tissue to induce correct alignment in the body.

By all accounts she was a remarkable person, a powerful mix of high intellect, great intuition and a pioneering spirit. It is typically delivered as a series of ten handson physical manipulation sessions sometimes called the recipe. Our ideal candidate is someone who possesses the related education, practical skills, excellent communication and strong organizational skills. The goal of this ebook is to give you a quick and simple guide to rolfing.

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